Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Denny Allen/Getty)

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (iStockphoto/Thinsktock)

Livingstone Island - Victoria Falls (iStockphoto)

Victoria Falls (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is officially one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and rightly so. Where the Zambezi River suddenly drops into a deep fissure between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the falls are over a mile wide, top 350 feet high in spots (twice Niagara), and kick up a spray some say can be seen 30 miles away. For raw thundering power, nothing can match it. But watching water is just the beginning of the adrenaline rush you can find here. From the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, you can bungee jump (or Tarzan-swing or zipline). Upstream, you can float the river in a canoe; the rapids are gentle there, but the hippos are not. And then there’s skydiving, bushwalking, micro-flights, and elephant rides. Yes, there’s quite the adventure-travel vibe, but what else can you do with two million gallons of water—per second—pouring over a brink?

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