Skyline and rowers, Madison, Wisconsin (Edward Rothberger)

Capitol building, Madison, Wisconsin (Erika Lloyd)

View of Lake Monona from Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin (Dori/Wiki images)


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What to do in Madison

Madison’s active lifestyle and progressive attitude has resulted in a city with more bikes than cars. Madison has a near-religious, European-style commitment to its biking culture. Cruise “bicycle boulevards”—streets and lanes designated primarily for two wheels—and more than 200 miles of scenic trails, both of which are groomed 365 days a year. This sophisticated network weaves through the Mad City, with well-connected access to landmarks like Lake Mendota, Vilas Zoo, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The 17-mile Capital City State Trail extends through canopied forests, open fields, and bucolic Wisconsin scenery. And if you don’t come with your own set of wheels, stop by one of the many do-it-yourself rental stations throughout the city. Or invest in your own; Trek Bicycle and Pacific Cycle are both headquartered in Madison. 

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