What to do in Westport Light State Park

The park is named for the historical (1898) lighthouse located on Coast Guard land adjacent to the park. The lighthouse was built as a navigational aide for Point Chehalis at the south entrance to Grays Harbor.

Westport Light State Park covers 212.18 acres with 3,397 feet of ocean frontage. The only park facilities include 15 picnic sites and a 60-car parking lot.

Activities offered include picnicking, fishing, clamming, horseback riding, kite flying, surfing, scuba diving, and beach combing.

Westport Light State Park, in south coastal Washington, is located approximately 22 miles southwest of Aberdeen immediately west of the town of Westport on State Route 105.

Washington's climate varies with each region. The Cascades split the state and alter weather patterns. Western Washington is temperate, due to the coastal geography. The water is a stabilizing force for the climate, making extreme temperatures rare. The area receives large amounts of rainfall from Pacific storms and some snow during winter months.

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