Zimbabwe National Park

The Eastern Highlands

On Zimbabwe's eastern border, running some three hundred kilometers from north to south, is a string of mountains quite striking in its rugged beauty. Forming a natural border with neighboring Mozambique, the Eastern Highlands vary from the gently rolling countryside near Nyanga in the north to the fierce granite spikes of Chimanimani.

The fabulous scenery of the Eastern Highlands makes them a natural holiday destination. Trout fishing; golf, bowls and horse riding are all enjoyed throughout the year, and there are several sumptuous hotels of an exceptionally high standard.

Further south are the Vumba, an archipelago of misty peaks famed for their fabulous views into Mozambique. They are also home to the Vumba Botanical Gardens that are just a few minutes' drive from the eastern metropolis of Mutare, containing shrubs and trees that have been gathered from all over the world. Overlooking the giant waterlilies on the ornamental lake is a tea house which appears for all the world like an English cricket pavilion, uprooted from a village green in the Home Counties and replanted in the heart of Africa.

At the southern end of this exquisite mountain chain, the volcanic peaks of Chimanimani are sharp and jagged. Most of them can be conquered with little mountaineering skill, and they are punctuated with hundreds of rivers, waterfalls and pools to entice bathers after a long day's hike.

Special thanks to the Zimbabwe Ministry of Enviornment and Tourism for providing this information.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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