Weekend Wheeling in Washington, D.C.

Capital Spins
By Jim Logan
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Washington, D.C., is usually underrated as a recreation center, especially if one thinks of only the small size of the District of Columbia. Rather, by including adjacent areas in Maryland and Virginia, the new expanded metropolitan area is the location of recreation opportunities as varied as anywhere else.

Olympic kayak hopefuls train in the rapids of the Potomac River immediately north of town, and bass fishing tournaments are held in the quieter waters to the south but within sight of the Washington Monument. Rock climbers can practice their skills after a busy day at the office, and a vast network of trails laces the green spaces throughout the metropolitan area. Expand the immediate area a little, and beaches and mountains are within easy reach for weekend activities.

The nation's capital is a bike enthusiast's dream come true. It's one of those areas where it's not necessary to own an automobile. Residents can commute to many work locations. Visitors too can reach most major attractions by bicycle and remain blissfully unaware of urban traffic problems. Curious residents and visitors alike will find unlimited cycling opportunities in and around the capital and within a two-hour trip by automobile.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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