Top Ten Scenic Mountain Drives

Trail Ridge Road
The long and winding road (NPS)

Summer is a great time for road tripping, but being stuck in a hot car isn't all that appealing—nothing like a little bare skin on sticky vinyl. Travelers who opt for the high road, however, will find both cooler temps and panoramic vistas. Which high road, you say? Well, GORP has ten scenic mountain drives for you to choose from.

We tried hard to spread out our picks, but when it comes to high country, the western United States just can't be beat. And even though it lies within the borders of our northern neighbor, Canada's Icefields Parkway gets so many reader raves that it just had to be included.

No matter which road you take, you can forget the Calgon this summer. These ten scenic mountain drives are all you need to be taken away.



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