Top Ten Epic Bike Rides


There are only a few places in the world where a single country spans an entire continent as the United States does North America. No matter where you turn, you are still two feet in the same land, two eyes peering out at the notion of a nation indivisible. And what better way is there to appreciate America's mountains and prairies, movements and people than on a coast-to-coast bike trip? The cyclists of the Big Ride Across America learned this firsthand. Powering their own passages over the Continental Divide brought home the intensity of the struggle of previous centuries' westward-bound settlers. Endless hours under a merciless prairie sun beat into meaning the labor that has made America America. And at the speed of a turning wheel, they couldn't help but meet the people - an amazing variety of people - that define American character. Contact America's foremost bicycle touring organization - the American Cycling Association (see their Web site) - and plan to tackle the 4,250-mile TransAmerican Trail, the 4,315-mile Northern Tier, or the 3,180-mile Southern Tier. You will never be the same when you are done.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 5 Feb 2013
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