Top Ten Italy Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Spaghetti Western in Maremma
By Valerio Diotto

Maremma lies on the Tuscany coast in central Italy, between the low and sandy coast and the hills covered with pine woods. Longhorn cattle and horses are left grazing free here, watched by local cowboys called butteri. On the first Sunday in August the butteri gather and brand the cattle, showing off their skills as horsemen. Several ranches in the area offer lodging and horseback rides, including overnight trips. The area is home to deer and wild hogs, and the swamps and salt ponds are full of migratory birds. Old stone watchtowers, originally built to protect the land from Moorish pirates, stand at the top of the hills. You can visit the nearby protected area of Monti dell'Uccellina on foot or on horseback. The long, sandy beaches here are perfect for swimming and windsurfing. Maremma is beautiful in any season, at its best in spring and autumn, and can be hot in summer.


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