Top Ten Japan Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Dive the Wrecks of Ogasawara
By Brent Madison

A significant part of 20th-century history lies below the crystalline waters of the Ogasawara Islands—roughly 520 miles from the Japanese mainland. Deep diving in the islands' crystalline waters reveals WWII Japanese warships now crumbling on the bottom of the ocean, and bullets and wreckage littering the ocean floor. Explore the ship, Fuju Maru, from a distance, the ship is still loaded with unexploded ordnance, so don't touch—and keep an eye out for colorful Yuzen Angels, white-tipped sharks, and butterfly fish. Then join snorkelers on the surface for a look at the torpedoed ship Hinko Maru, which lies just offshore. While floating, keep and eye out for humpback whales which migrate past the islands.

Think you're ready? Grab a book—it's 30-plus hours each way, and trips are made just once a week—and hop on the Ogasawara Maru from the Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo Harbor.


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