Top Ten Switzerland Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Bungee Jump in Tyre James Bond Style
By Mark Honan

I contemplate the leap before me, stomach tight, heart working overtime, the bungee cord hanging heavy from my ankles. Taking a deep breath, I propel myself forward into space, thinking now or never. I feel the sickening burst of acceleration, a surprisingly gentle deceleration as the bungee cord does its work, then a disorientating yo-yo bouncing as I gradually come to rest. I'd done it. It had lasted fleeting seconds, but the adrenaline flashbacks lingered for days.

There's no better place to bungee jump in Switzerland than the Verzasca dam in the wild and remote Verzasca Valley in Italian-speaking Ticino. This dam, some 722 feet (220 meters) high, is featured in the James Bond film Golden Eye. It is expensive, like most things in Switzerland, and you'll have to organize this activity ahead of time.


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