The Vagabond Tales

Life on the Road

For some, adventure travel is not something to live for—it is life. And with this life comes some of the zaniest experiences imaginable . . . or unimaginable. Internationally renowned world traveler Doug Lansky is the Vagabond. His hilarious travel haps and mishaps have long entertained newspaper readers and NPR listeners. Now he's come to GORP, and more outlandish tales are on the way. Hop onboard in the adventure archive, and be sure to check out Doug's tips on getting it on in the great outdoors.

Who Is the Vagabond, Anyway?
Doug Lansky was born on the Third World island of Manhattan, grew up in Minnesota, and graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in a subject he can no longer recall. After working the copying machine at Late Night with David Letterman, Spy Magazine, and The New Yorker magazine, Doug rejected a career as a professional intern, hit the road with his backpack, and has been traveling around the world ever since—for the last nine years in over 100 countries, chronicling his adventures in his nationally syndicated humor column, Vagabond, on Public Radio's Savvy Traveler program, the Discovery Channel's "Trailblazers" travel documentary, and in his recent book Up the Amazon without a Paddle. When he's not blowgun hunting with Jaguar Indians in Peru, test-driving Ferraris in Italy, hitchhiking through Syria, riding the Trans-Siberian, sailing down the Nile, or trekking across Ecuador on horseback, he tries to get a little rest in Norway, his current base camp.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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