Walk the Bridge on the River Kwai

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River Kwai, Thailand
River of Tears: Today's bucolic River Kwai was yesterday's place of hardship. (PhotoDisc)

In the 1940s during World War II, the Japanese interned thousands of POWs as slaves to help them in their war effort in Southeast Asia. To better access the front lines in Burma, the Japanese envisioned a railway that could carry troops across Thailand to the frontlines.

The bridge on the River Kwai, made famous by the movie of the same name starring Alec Guinness, was the epitome of this effort and is now a historical site that can easily be toured on a day trip from Bangkok. Tours will take you to the world-famous bridge, as well as the cemetery for the estimated 9,000 prisoners who died constructing the infamous "Railway of Death."

The bridge is located near the town of Kanchanaburi, 90 miles west of Bangkok. Daily tours can be arranged through any of the larger hotel tour operators and travel agents, and cost about $30 per person.


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