Top Ten Spots for Experiencing Sharks

Pacific and Indian Oceans: Phuket, Thailand

"Lush" is the word for Phuket. This is an area of dense humid air, searing blue sky, and palm trees shaggier than a 1970’s rock guitarist's haircut.

The waters off Phuket are no exception to the region’s rich nature. There are many, many resident fish, but what makes Phuket so interesting is the large number of migratory fish. And reigning over all the migrants is the whale shark.

Forget the whole idea of coming face to face with killer sharks. These gentle giants can reach lengths of 50 feet or more (however, 30 is more common). Like many whales, these sharks feed on plankton, shrimp, and small fish by filtering them through their huge mouths.

In case you’re thinking this mild-mannered behemoth won’t induce the adrenaline-charged rush you might get from swimming with more fearsome species, think again. An encounter with a creature the size of a truck is nothing short of incredible.


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