Get Charmed at Red Cross Snake Farm


Ever wonder how much venom is in a cobra's bite? One encounter with this snake's deadly fangs is potent enough to kill approximately 50,000 mice or 1,000 rabbits, obviously enough to knock off just one human. Interested in actually having a python twice your length draped around your shoulders while your buddy snaps a picture? If imitating Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom is your thing, or if you enjoy slithering reptiles, visit the Red Cross Snake Farm.

With over 175 snake species to be found in Thailand—48 of those poisonous—this research facility was founded in 1923 to help scientists better understand some of the most poisonous species like cobras, banded kraits, sea snakes, and green pit vipers. Thailand's largest snake farm and one of the first snake research facilities in the world, little has changed in the more than 80 years that the institute has been around.

Yet, while the main purpose of the facility is to create antivenom and undertake further research, Red Farm's place as a primo tourist attraction can't be denied. After all, watching the handlers work their magic—from kissing pythons to milking the snakes for their venom to explaining what to watch out for if you are roaming through the jungles of Thailand—is definitely one biology lesson that has some danger appeal. Snake shows occur at 11 a.m. seven days a week and 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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