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Jungle Yoga, Thailand
Strike a Pose!: Find spiritual well-being in the Thai jungle. (courtesy, Jungle Yoga)

Picture traditional thatched bungalows floating on a remote reservoir in the karst-tower highlands of south-central Thailand. Imagine the only sounds being the squaw of great hornbills flying overhead, the distant call of gibbons, and geckos in your cabin casting their lilting "uh-oh" chirp. Welcome to the setting for Jungle Yoga, a yoga program founded by Dick and Beth Balsamo in 2003.

The lake, which lies in Khao Sok National Park, is one of the most tranquil places on the planet. Completely surrounded by hundreds of miles of untouched jungle, the Jungle Yoga program has become a cult favorite with fans of tropical wilderness. Work the quads, hamstrings, and glutes hard as you fold into downward dog or reverse warrior by day; dine on mouthwatering delicacies taken in hunter/gatherer style from the jungle and drift off to sleep with the waves lapping underneath your floating bungalow by night.

Yoga sessions are loosely scheduled, usually broken up with jungle treks and kayaking trips around the lake. Even better, with the yoga platforms out on the lake, the usual scourge of jungle mosquitoes is not a problem. The teachers vary, but such famed instructors as Guru Danny Paradis, Simon Low, and Louise Whitehead have been known to show up for a week or two and teach ashtanga, anusara, and Yin Yang styles of yoga. Of course, Jungle Yoga takes place in a rainforest, so courses usually only run in the dry season between November and June.

More Info: +66.18.912.490; www.jungleyoga.com


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