Catch Sunset at Bobo's

Phra Nang, Thailand
Lounge Lizards: The view of Railay Beach, Phra Nang. (Corel)

Railay Beach on the Phra Nang Peninsula is arguably one of the most romantic places on Earth. At the middle section of this curving sliver of perfection, bookended by 600-foot limestone spires and a perfect reef out front, sits Bobo's Bar.

Sparsely decorated, open-air Bobo's is just a flimsy roof and one solid wall—and an ambience that goes way beyond mere aesthetics. Each evening straw mats are laid out on the sand with small tables and kerosene lamps. DJs spin music from behind the bar, and the unbelievably beautiful beach actually becomes more beautiful.

As the sun sets, the sky begins to change from pale blue to a whole host of reds, oranges, and grays. Fingers of cloud forming over the Phuket landmass to the west light up from underneath as the sun drops into the sea. The music flows from Moby to light Hendrix remixes to Coldplay as the towers and sea are bathed in an array of colors. Singha beer is 70 baht a bottle ($1.70) and mixed drinks run around 125 baht, but the real charm to hanging out at Bobo's at dusk is to know that Mother Nature is just doing her thing.


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