Top Ten African Safaris

East Africa: The Serengeti, Tanzania

We've all seen the Serengeti Plain. Lorne Greene's voice is as familiar as Grandpa's, thanks to his narration of practically every special on TV featuring wildlife on the Serengeti Plain. The Serengeti is what most people envision when dreaming of safari. Dry, flat, dusty land punctuated by the flat acacia tree, underneath which the mane of the male lion blows in the pre-storm wind. While Kenya is the overwhelming choice of most tourists, those in the know seem to prefer Tanzania.

It is less touristy than its neighbor, conditions are a little less refined but add to the ruggedness of the experience, and Tanzania offers such extraordinary sites like Ngorongoro crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro. The Serengeti Plain, covering 5,610 square miles, is home to more than 3 million animals. Despite the vastness, you will be surprised at how many concentrations of prides, troops, or herds you will see.

Ngorongoro crater is a must see—probably the best single spot for game viewing in all of East Africa. It is a small Eden concentrated within one crater. Africa's best are represented in one singular glance. As with Kenya, the variety of safaris offered makes the trip possible for anyone on a shoestring budget and those looking for all the comforts of home but on the plains!

Just the Facts

Best Season: September-March when it is dry and there are large concentrations of animals on the Serengeti.

Highlights: Wildebeest migration; Kilimanjaro climb; Camping on the rim of Ngorongoro crater


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