Top Ten East Africa Classic Adventures

Take a Serengeti Safari

It's one of those classic names: "Serengeti" conjures up images of animals thundering across the rugged, wide-open African savanna—and this amazing park doesn't disappoint. A safari through the Serengeti is prime wildlife spotting, especially if you go during the annual wildebeest migration (around August). This is a spectacle of truly awesome proportions—millions of animals on the move as they head north into Kenya in search of food. The whole process is repeated later in the year around November as the animals move back into the Serengeti for calving. Vehicle safaris (the only way to visit the park) are easily arranged, a process that's best done from Arusha, a large town close to Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. Allow five days, as the park is huge and distances great.


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