Great Snowshoe Hikes in North Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Known for the crystal clarity of its deep blue waters, Lake Tahoe is the most valuable gem in the treasury of the Sierra Nevada. But while the south side of the lake offers mountain grandeur, the west side quiet serenity, and the east side undeveloped isolation, the north side combines elements of all three.

During the winter months snow is in abundance; and with great trails offering wonderful scenery, snowshoers will find this a wonderful destination. Moreover, snowshoers of every level of skill and experience will find plenty of trails to meet their desires and needs.

Although the north end of Lake Tahoe has seen significant development, the area does not seem to be as crowded as the south end. Nonetheless, a significant population of year-round residents, coupled with an influx of winter tourists, creates a mass of humanity on a sunny winter weekend. Timing your departure to avoid the crush of vehicles leaving the area's ski resorts is an extremely prudent move. And even though there are a lot of folks congregating at the north end of the lake, with a little care toward the selection of your trip you should be able to leave the crowds behind.

So, here are six great trails in the area that provide the snowshoer with subalpine lakes, lofty summits, and beautiful vistas in abundance.



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