Top Ten Switzerland Classic Adventures

Brave the St. Moritz Cresta Run
By Mark Honan

Besides offering great skiing to the jet-setter crowd, St. Moritz serves up a pulse-racing activity that's like sledding down an ice hill. Actually, it is sledding down an ice hill. The fast and furious toboggan course known as the Skeleton Run, created in 1885 by British tourists, drops 514 feet within 3,300 feet and throws up 10 corners to scream around. Unfortunately, to use this run you need to play by the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club's antiquated rules: You have to buy a membership, and only males are admitted. More welcoming (and just as terrifying) is the nearby bobsled run, made entirely from natural ice. Take this on and you'll know what it's like to career down an icy incline at speeds you never thought you could sustain.


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