Romance in the Great Outdoors

Take a Walk on the Erotic Side

Not all romantic strolls resemble the Sunday afternoon jaunts in the park from the movie Gigi, with women in white (lace parasols only, please) and cleverly tailored suits on every man. A few strolls—and in this case I'm thinking specifically about those listed below—rest on the far other end of the strolling spectrum. Or as Santa might put it: a little more naughty than nice.

No Puritans in India
Those looking for a racier stomping ground might consider a trip to Khajuraho, India , for a walk past the erotic temples. Well, you don't want to walk past them too quickly. The temples in this northern Madhya Pradesh village aren't exclusively pornographic—sacred bulls, sun gods, and other deities are also worshiped. But of all the craftsmanship from the Chandela period embroidering the temples, you could say that the more excited figures stand out—sculpted gods and goddesses, kings and queens, employers and employees, husbands and wives, pets and their owners—nearly all of them explicitly intertwined in positions you'd have trouble achieving without a few years of yoga under your dohti.

Turn on Your Red Light
Meander through Amsterdam's Red Light District. Window browsing can get a bit sleazy, but the kinky souvenir shopping in this district is good for a laugh. You might even kick things off with a visit to the Erotic Museum. Of course, when you get past the sex in the city, Amsterdam offers some of the world's most romantic pedestrian walkways. It's nearly impossible to walk in a straight line for more than 100 yards without spotting a canal or falling into one.

Go Au Naturel
If you're feeling especially courageous, try a romantic stroll without ropa on one of the many nudist beaches along the coast of Spain. I didn't make it more than a few hundred meters before taking cover with a dash into the ocean, but most braver souls did. Others were playing volleyball or paddleball, activities that involve lots of diving around and don't—not even in the slightest conceivable way—seem like anything people would want to do in the buff. For a good leaping point into the world of public nudity, visit

Thankfully, you have numerous exceptional options in each category. I say thankfully because the quickest way for these places to lose their romance is if thousands show up at the same place on Valentine's Day and start kissing in public. Mind you, I'm not saying your tongue wrestling would be uninspiring. I'm talking about the other droolers out there. The trick, as far as I can tell, is simply finding your own space in nature, and creating your private moment.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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