Little-Known New England Ski Gems

Lifts without the Lines
By Theodore Nusbaum

You know the feeling. Blue skies, fresh powder, and turns that link themselves together like someone's taken a magic wand to your boards. Maybe it was last night's dinner and the Kendall Jackson Merlot, or the two-egg breakfast with bacon, but whatever it was, you're riding like a champ and feeling it—until you reach the lift line. It'll be a solid 30 minutes before you're on top of the hill again schussing your way down, struggling to find the rhythm that found you so easily on that magical first run.

Imagine this: The same clear morning, same snow, same first run, but when you spray snow all over your buddy in the lift line, there's no line. A lift line without a line? They're going to have to change the name. These places do exist, even on the East Coast, but there is a catch—it's called traveling. Accept the fact that to get anywhere really good without a line, you're going to have to drive seven hours on the average. But this can be a good thing—time to catch up with friends and family, commit that new U2 CD to memory, even flesh out family secrets from the 70s (Why does little Johnny look so much like Uncle Bob?).

From single-run ski hills to the seven-headed beast called Killington, New England is chock full of opportunities for skiers, snowboarders, and anyone in between who desires to live a little during the winter months. All you need is the willingness to travel off the beaten path in search of a vacation that will make all the difference—except to your bank account. The following five New England gems may take more work getting to, but the travel time will pay off. All offer a variety of package deals at discount rates that include lodging, lift tickets, lessons, and other amenities, depending on the resort.

Article © Theodore Nusbaum. Photos © David Fireman.

Freelance writer and English teacher Theodore Nusbaum specializes in adventure narratives off the beaten track. His articles have been published in Blue Magazine and the Fire Island News, where he writes copy and serves as staff editor.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication

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