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Cruising the Great Plains
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As the largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls is an important intermediate destination for east-west travelers on the northern Great Plains. And as the home for a surprising number of high-tech businesses, the city consistently ranks high on lists of America's most livable places. Good shopping, entertainment, accommodations, and recreational facilities can be found here, and special summer events throughout the region are abundant, even though weather in the peak of the summer months can be hot and humid, with regularly forecast thunderstorms.

Bicyclists need not despair of places to do their thing while staying in this area. There are places in Sioux Falls with a few hours to a few days of two-wheeling fun for the casual recreational rider, the road mileage junkie, and the avid off-road adventurer.

Your visit to the friendly Midwest is sure to be enjoyable, and your opportunities for bicycling will be rewarding as well.

In Town
The Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department maintains a paved bike path system paralleling a sweeping U-shaped bend in the Big Sioux River. Totaling about 15 miles, this easy trail is great for a family outing or a quick early morning wake-up ride. Near downtown, you can access the trail at Falls Park, where the river tumbles over an interesting series of cascades. The trail proceeds south through a sequence of parks on the river floodplain.

After curving around the city for 11 miles, a crosstown bike route on Ninth Street can bring you back downtown if you want to make a loop out of the tour.

There are other bike routes marked on city streets throughout Sioux Falls, providing commuter routes, access to various parks, and ways out of town. Free maps are available at area bike shops.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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