Top Eight Sea Kayaking Hot Spots

West: Queen Charlotte Islands (Canada)

Often referred to as the "Canadian Galapagos," you'll get a dose of cultural and natural history in the Queen Charlotte Islands, or Haida Gwaii, as the ancient and current inhabitants call it. Located about 80 miles from the west coast of British Columbia, the Islands are a spectacular marine and mountain wilderness with an extraordinary natural heritage. The area teems with wildlife: thousands of seabirds, eagles, seals, sea lions reside there, and the more fortunate visitors might see dolphins and whales. Old-growth forests draped in moss contrast with the miniature bonsai bogs found along the San Cristoval Range. Remnants of the cultural history of the Haida people are in tact, especially their collections of carved totem poles. The kayaker will certainly have a palate of experiences to taste and enjoy.


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