Top Ten Belize Adventures

Live Like a Castaway
By Patti Lange & Chicki Mallan

Ever dream of living like a castaway on a deserted tropical island—palms swaying in the moonlit sky, and you feasting off of the sea and dodging coconut bombs? Well. Add a few people to that illusion, throw in a solar panel for limited electricity, allow yourself to be pampererd by a fabulous cook, play on a variety of water toys, and make it a reality at Long Caye with the people from Slickrock Adventures. Slickrock leads kayaking tours to Glover's Reef for both beginner and advanced kayakers. A shallow lagoon on one side of the island is the perfect saltwater pool for the beginner to master paddling technique and the intermediate paddler to learn rescues and rolls. For the advanced, kayak surfing is also a possibility if the conditions are right. When you get tired of paddling, a scuba shack on the island takes you under water, and snorkeling and windsurfing can be done right off the beach. Tag along with one of the resident staff in the hunt for dinner (fish, fish, or fish), or join the before-dinner lively volleyball game, just enough of a workout to justify another dip into camp manager Lord Jim's nightly happy hour rum-punch barrel (OK, plastic pitcher).

Accommodations are rustic cabins on the beach with kerosene lamps, foam pad mattresses, and great views. Chairs and/or hammocks grace the porch. When the cabins are full, some get tents to sleep in with palm lean-tos for privacy. Outhouse toilets are of the plein air variety, surrounded by palm leaf "walls" similar shower "rooms" hold the sun-warmed well water in sturdy polyurethane bags that double as your shower. Neither has a roof but both undoubtedly provide the best views from a WC in the entire country.

Text © 2001 by Chicki Mallan & Patti Lange. Used by permission of Moon Handbooks. All rights reserved. Book is available through local bookstores and online booksellers.


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