Adventure in Grenada

Diving into the Wreck

Although some call it"Titanic of the Caribbean," the Bianca C lost just one passenger when it sunk off Grenada's west coast in 1961. A boiler-room fire sent the 600-foot, 18,000-ton cruise liner to a sandy grave; now the Bianca C rests beneath 167 feet of water filled with sea fans, sea horses, spotted eagle rays, and schools of jack fish and barracuda. The ship's hull is encrusted with sponges and coral.

Grenada's best-known dive is also the Caribbean's largest wreck — possibly one of the largest in the world; a strong tidal current makes advanced diving skills a prerequisite. For more wreck diving, check out the Don Cesar (a former drug boat), the Quarter Wreck, the Buccaneer, or the twin wrecks of the Veronica L.


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