RVing in the Rough

Escape the Campground Crowds
By Brent Peterson
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Camping on the beach with a Jayco Kiwi Travel Trailer
Imagine your perfect campsite

Many people are lured by romantic notions of RVing. They picture themselves camped on a deserted beach, waking up to the sounds of the rolling surf. Or entrenched deep within a forest of tall pine trees, not another person for miles. Perhaps stream-side, at the base of a majestic mountain range, with nothing but the sounds of the eagles sailing above.

These are exactly the kinds of visions that propel curious wannabes to kick the tires at their local RV dealership. Certainly no one dreams of camping awning to awning in a cookie-cutter campground, sites so jammed together that you don't know where your rig stops and your neighbor's begins. The act of truly getting away from it all is as American as the s'mores you'll cook at your own private oasis, but it's not always easy.

For starters, this type of camping ("boondocking" or"dry camping" as it's known) requires that your RV is totally self-sufficient; your deserted retreat won't have any hookups, so water, electric, and sewer are your concerns now. But fret not — all it takes is a little planning to make the most of your RV getaway.

Avid camper and traveler Brent Peterson is the editor of RV View and editor-at-large for RV-oriented Woodall's Publishing. His articles appear in a variety of RV magazines and newspapers across the United States, focusing on such topics as vehicle road tests, product evaluations, lifestyle articles, and industry trends. His feature on prepping your RV for a road trip has been featured on GORP.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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