Riding California's Central Coast

Nirvana on Horseback
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Sightseeing on horseback provides a unique perspective. Often, you're riding into pristine areas, inaccessible by car. That can create a mellow feeling of leaving behind the bustle of daily life. And there is something almost nostalgic about riding, a sense of going back in time, of viewing the land the way our ancestors may have seen it. You're moving far more slowly than you would in a car, and can contemplate the beauty and enjoy the solitude at leisure. Sitting tall in the saddle gives you a higher vantage point than traveling by car or on foot, and on horseback you have the added advantage of covering distances in far less time than it would take if you were hiking.

California's Central Coast, the gorgeous stretch extending roughly from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz, is a great region to explore on horseback, and there are dozens of trail-riding options. The terrain, vegetation and wildlife are remarkably varied, making it worthwhile to try to squeeze in more than one ride during any sojourn in the area.

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Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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