Top Ten Scandinavia Classic Adventures

Paddle Finnish Lapland
By Bertil Lintner

The small hamlet of Inari is the best base for exploring Finnish Lapland. Hit the water in the town's nearby swamp—once a hideaway for eccentric philosophers and assorted hermits who lived in log cabins on the swamp's many islands. Hire a boat (available for day trips or longer sojourns). After your paddle, a walk along a nearby 4.34-mile track will take you to a 17th-century wilderness church—built in an attempt to spread the gospel to the animist Lapps—and the calming warmth of a local sauna.

All this snow got you feeling festive? Hop on a bus and head to Rovaniemi, where locals authorities have built a Santa Claus village, complete with Santa, reindeer, and a special postal service for Christmas.


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