Top Ten Brazil Classic Adventures

Ride a Rio Airwave
By Shawn Blore

If ever a place was made for hang gliding, it is surely Rio. The weather's warm year-round, the sun and ocean make for constant rising thermals, and thanks to the extreme geography, there are launch sites throughout the city. Solo flying's fine, if you've brought your kite; if not, there are tandem flights for hire. Perhaps the most scenic flight is the one that starts from the peak of the Pedra Bonita in Gavea. Launching from a site 1,705 feet above sea level, you soar above Rio's Floresta da Tijuca—the largest urban forest in the world—observing for as long as wind and loft allow. When the time finally comes to set down, head for the beach at Sco Conrado (two beaches east of Ipanema). After touchdown, mosey up to a beachside bar—likely full of other fliers—sit back with a cold Brazilian beer, and boast about your accomplishments.


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