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Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

The desert terrain of Utah offers a scenic and unique alternative to the usual forested singletrack so often enjoyed by mountain bikers. Moab is unquestionably the country's uber-mountain biking destination, its popular Slickrock Trail luring so many riders that it's off-limits to organized tours. However, with 150 trails to choose from, Moab has more than its share of terrain for riders who make the pilgrimage: take your pick from sandstone (also known as slickrock), sand, gravel, rock, ledge, doubletrack, and mountain trails. Independent riders will find all they need in the town of Moab to set them up for their trip, from campsites and bicycle repair shops to carbo-loaded eateries and microbreweries for that pre- and post-ride pig-out. Outfitted trips include single- and multi-day tours that will have you grinding up intense steeps and whooping through many a backcountry canyon. While novice mountain bikers are welcome, first-time riders are discouraged on these trips as some of Moab's terrain is particularly challenging.

Quick FAQs

Rail Info ( for full details)

Route - Chicago, IL to Grand Junction, CO

Line - California Zephyr

Duration - 28 hours (departs Chicago at 2:15 p.m. daily)

Price - $138 to $245

Scenery - Rocky Mountains

Arrival transportation - Pick up a Hertz Rental Car (1-800-654-3131) at the airport. Discount offered to Amtrak passengers.

Activity Info

Outfitter - Dream Ride Mountain Bike Tours: 1-888-MOAB-UTAH;

What to bring - Rain gear, bike and equipment (if you don't want to rent), padded cycling shorts, helmet, and hydration system with plenty of water

Duration - 3 days, 4 nights

Price - $395 (more expensive with accommodation and bike rental)


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