Top Ten African Safaris

East Africa: A Rafting Voyage, The Omo River, Ethiopia

Instead of being shuttled along from resort to resort or campsite to campsite in a land cruiser, why not snake along the Omo River through the most remote regions on earth, where civilization has not yet taken hold. If you truly want the undiscovered Africa, this journey is for you. You will touch down on all elevations and varying rapid intensity. You will wrestle with Class III and IV rapids, wind through narrow and very deep canyons, sheer walled gorges, and natural amphitheaters.

Waterfalls will cool you down, or a swim in the Omo's tributaries might do the trick. Camps are made at riverside, where you will be surrounded by waterfowl and lush vegetation, not to mention hippos, antelope, baboons and even lions. It has been said that the number-one killer of paddlers is the hippo. True or not, you will be in hippo territory, so be cautious! This trip embraces adventure on the river—with high doses of wildlife, water-in-the-face fun—and touches down on cultural exchanges as you have the opportunity to visit indigenous tribes along the way. A hard-to-beat adventure!

Just the Facts

Best Season: For mild temperatures, October-June is best.

Highlights: Carved churches like Lalibela; Tribes


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