Top Ten Reef Dives

An Underwater Eden: Palau, Micronesia

If Adam and Eve were swimmers they most certainly would have plucked a sea anemone from the underwater Eden that is Palau. This biodiverse corner of Micronesia has it all. Take a bath in the 84-degree waters that house white tip reef sharks, venomous sea krates, and World War II wrecks. From Rock Islands, jungle-tufted outcroppings popping up like mushrooms over world-class dive sites, to the challenging and unpredictable currents that can sweep you over the protective reef to kingdom come, Palau will not disappoint.

Few other diving destinations come close to Palau's cutting-edge diving and unique experience. The ones that do, however, are in the general neighborhood of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. The variety of dive sites in such a concentrated area is head spinning, with 60 great drop-offs to nearly 1,000 feet, dozens of blue holes, and a famed five-chambered cave system. Come face-to-face with 1,000-pound clams, thick schools of reef fish, and the ever-exciting large pelagics.

Despite currents that require expert skills to battle, beginners can still enjoy the waters by using a reef hook. Loiter amongst the sea activity without worry!


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