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9 - Indiana Water Trails

Indiana has 2600 miles of paddleable waterbodies. However, most of them don't have dedicated access sites. But here's four good ones to start you out: Blue River, Cedar Creek, Wildcat Creek, and Sugar Creek. The first three have been designated"Scenic Rivers" by the Indiana state government.
Route: 26 rivers
Length: Various
Campsites: Many options
Types of Craft: Many options
Contact: Indiana State Streams & Trails Section, (317)232-4070

10 - Alabama Adventure Trails

Alabama is famous for both its flatwater and whitewater rivers. Two tributaries of the Warrior River the Locust and Mulberry Fork are both about 20 miles long and make for an excellent whitewater weekend.
Cahaba RiverThis is a long flatwater river with amazing species diversity, including the unique Cahaba lily. It takes the paddler from metropolitan Birmingham to some of the most isolated country around.

Length: 190 miles
Campsites: Check with Cawaco Resource Conservation Development
Types of Craft: Paddlecraft
Year Started: 1997
How Far Along: Access points are being mapped and negotatiated. The trail should be completed in 2000.
Guidebook: Alabama Canoe Rides, John Foshee
Contact: Cawaco Resource Conservation & Development, (205) 251-8139

11 - Everglades National Park Wilderness Waterway

Route: From Flamingo to the Gulf Coast along the park's western side.
Length: 99 miles
Campsites: Well spaced all along the route permits required.
Types of Craft: Small boats.
How Far Along: Complete
Contact: Everglades National Park

GORP Features: Everglades Paddling

12 - Florida Canoe Trails

Paddling in Florida doesn't stop at the Everglades. This is the state for flatwater paddling, especially in the cooler spring and autumn months. Many canoe trails flow through Florida's national forests; the Ocala National Forest is particularly renowned.

13 - South Carolina River Trails

Take your pick: whitewater, black water, coastal sea kayaking. South Carolina has it. For $4.95, the state's Trail Division will sell you an excellent guide to 12 rivers. Among the highlights are the world-famous Chattooga River , renowned for its whitewater. The Edisto River is the longest free-flowing river in the U.S. The river itself is 240 miles long; the water trail is 70. You won't find a lot of campsites, but there's some excellent day trips possible. In the region around Columbia, the Saluda River and the Broad River join to form the Congaree River great paddle trips everyone.

Guidebook: South Carolina River Trails
Contact: South Carolina Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department, (803) 734-1449

14 - Albemarle Sound Canoe and Small Boat Trails System

A wonderful system of trails through 29 identified flatwater streems in northeastern North Carolina. These trails are made to order for relaxing and wildlife viewing.
Length: 200 miles altogether
Campsites: Not yet
Types of Craft: Canoes, kayaks, and small boats
Year Started: 1992
How Far Along: All the access points have been identified. Work is proceeding on installing standard mileage markers and directional signs
Guidebook: Local county brochures
Contact: Albemarle Resource Conservation Development, (252) 482-7437

15 - Kingfisher Canoe Trail (Ascontia River)

Route: Historic Bladensburg, MD, to southeast Washington, D.C.
Length: 6 miles
Campsites: None
Types of Craft: Canoes and kayaks
How Far Along: Complete
Contact: Anacostia Watershed Society

16 - Potomac Water Trail

This is an "idea trail" still in the planning stages. The notion is to integrate it with the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

Contact: The Potomac Water Trail Association, Inc., PO Box 480, Accokeek, MD 20607

17 - The Chesapeake Tidewater Trail

Another water trail just getting off the ground. The plan is to make a water trail in upper Chesapeake Bay. If you live in the area, get involved!

Contact: Chesapeake Paddlers Association, (703) 241-5464

18 - Susquehanna River Trail

Wild river islands make this a water trail to treasure. This is the start of a trail that planners hope will stretch for 444 miles along the length of the historic Susquehanna River.
Route: From Halifax to City Island in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Length: 51 miles
Campsites: Available on many of the river islands along the route
Types of Craft: Paddlecraft and small boats
Year Started: 1996
How Far Along: Running start
Contact: Susquehanna River Trail Association

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 8 Nov 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication
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