Top Ten Spots for Experiencing Sharks

Atlantic Ocean: Brazil

It is hard to make lemonade from lemons found in the blue watery depths of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of northeast Brazil. Especially when the lemons have rows of razor-sharp teeth! The warm waters in this area are home to a caucus of brightly colored tropical fishes, coral reefs, and predator—the lemon shark.

Observing these interesting fish—recognized by their yellow-brown coloring and narrow, long pointed teeth—is a highlight of many who head to their stomping grounds off the coast of South America. Atol das Rocas, a lagoon off the coast of Brazil, is a popular habitat for them and a key destination for viewing or fishing these sharks.

Open water dives are common in here, since lemon sharks pose very little threat to humans. Their population is thriving, and you’ll likely find yourself mingling with a school of about 30 at once.


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