Top Ten Spots for Experiencing Sharks

Atlantic Ocean: South Africa

A glimpse of a great white shark while taking a dip in the ocean is what nightmares are truly made of. Just imagining those coal black eyes transfixed on you,their next source of carbs, is enough to bring you into an inescapable zone of fear. For most sane humans, it is the last thing they ever want to see when romping the reefs and waves. But many have been changing their minds lately and heading to Gansbaai, South Africa, for what is, perhaps, the Everest of underwater adrenaline rushes.

After cruising in a boat for about 45 minutes you reach Shark Alley, aka "Fast Food Alley." The surrounding islands, mainly Dyer Island and Geyser Rock, are covered with seals and jackass penguins and form a barrier between the open ocean and the bay where sharks love to roam for their meals. And why not, it's easier than a drive-thru at McDonald's.

By jumping into a cage you can observe the feeding activity firsthand. And don’t worry about not getting your money’s worth-shark sightings are practically guaranteed. One popular dive outfitter boasts a 99.9 percent chance of it.

Where else but in South Africa can you get jaws AND paws all in the same day?


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