Top Ten Spots for Experiencing Sharks

Atlantic Ocean: Florida

Bet you didn't know that the largest number of unwanted shark encounters in the world happen in North America—particularly the Sunshine State. Although overfishing of sharks has been a big concern in Florida, tighter restrictions make divers hopeful that the East Coast sharks will be protected enough to allow people to enjoy them—alive. And a few key places where you can dive, swim, or observe sharks is Tenneco Towers, just north of the Dade/Broward county line. Big bull sharks will be your host at this deep dive site. Despite their being skittish of your bubbles, the encounter will feel like a true adrenaline-inducing run with the bulls! Get your fill of Chanel and sharks at Palm Beach, an increasingly popular place to spot hammerheads, bulls, tigers, whale sharks, and Caribbean reef sharks. There are plenty of diving outfits that can suit you up and help you get "chummy" with these Florida residents!


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