Top Ten Central America Classic Adventures

Explore Monteverde: Costa Rica
By Ron Mader & Richard Mahler

Cloud forest that just goes on and on: Monteverde is the sole reason many people travel to Costa Rica, and with good reason. This well-known private reserve, which covers 22,000 Costa Rican hectares, has more than 400 bird species (including the quetzal, which is best seen in the early morning between January and May), monkeys, tapirs, and felines, all in its dense, dark boundaries.

The reserve was initially created as a watershed in 1951 when Quakers arrived in the area, and in 1972 it was expanded and made into the formal reserve. Visitors are limited to one hundred at a time so arrive early or prepare to spend extra time at the visitor's center. There are many well-marked trails; detailed information is available at the visitor's center.


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