Top Ten Spots for Experiencing Sharks

Pacific and Indian Oceans: Southern California

Out on the ocean, away from the glare of Los Angeles' fabled city lights, the real stars of the ocean swim. And it ain't Nemo or Charley the Tuna. California shark dives are offered by numerous operators from the Los Angeles area, Catalina Island, and San Diego.

The dives vary by outfitter, but all involve a long boat ride out to deep water. Generally, you'll be in a cage, though one operator offers floating cages that snorkelers can use—no need for a diving license.

For the daring, chainmail-clad leaders will guide you out of the cage for an open water experience. Depending on your location and luck, you could see blue sharks, makos, great whites, or hammerheads. Whale sharks have also been spotted on very rare occasions.


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