Adventure in Bavaria and Austria


Most people associate M|nchen (that's Munich to you), with Oktoberfest—all the beer, sausage, and oompah-bands you can handle. If you're looking for a truly GORP-y experience, Bavaria's capital works best as a jumping-off point for day trips, with numerous hot spots just a short and affordable train ride away. To transcend the beer-garden variety of outdoor activities within the city, here are two fun options:

See the City by Bike

Check out Mike's Bike Tours (011-89-255-43-988;; through Munich. While this is by no means a strenuous ride—unless it's blazing hot you'll never break a sweat—you are at least outdoors and astride a bicycle. A bicycle that takes you into beer gardens, no less.

Bikes are everywhere in Munich, so make like a local and pedal along. Designated bike lanes let cyclists really tear along, so pedestrians should cross with care. Rent your wheels from Radius Bikes (011-49-89-59-61-13;, located right inside the main train station, for about $2 an hour or $12 per day, plus deposit.

Surf the Isar

Even though Munich is miles from saltwater, those with a jones for waves can head to the Isar River, which bisects the heart of the city. An artificial rise in the riverbed creates a wave surfers ride back and forth, rocking their boards to stay atop the swell. Eventually, the river pushes them over the crest, and they are swept along with the current. I overheard one local say the record is 40 seconds—grab a board and see what you can do.

For more information:
Munich Tourist Office
Sendlinger Str. 1
80331 M|nchen
011-49-89-233 03 00

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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