Top Ten Active Spring Vacations

Cancun, Mexico at night
Have your fun and get outside, too! (Gustav Nacht)

Beaches, babes, and booze—is there really more to life during spring break? Well, to some vacationers, wildlife means more than Mardi Gras in New Orleans; a hydration system has nothing to do with a beer bong; and adventure travel doesn't involve squeezing six drunken friends into a Mexican cab. Even if you have to have your sun-filled, sexed-up, sloshed-out days, why not mix a little activity into the action?

To find great adventures in the great outdoors, look no further than your favorite MTV-worthy destinations. Want to hit the beach in Cancun? Take a day trip south for world-class snorkeling along the Great Belize Reef. Planning to paint the town red in the Big Apple? Take a two-wheel tour along the city's greenways. Even Las Vegas has more to offer than gambling and glitz. So squeeze your hiking boots and water bottle into that suitcase of beachwear and get ready for GORP's top ten active spring vacations!



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