Top Ten Arizona Adventures

Classic Adventures: Mountain Bike Sedona
By Tyler Williams

Slickrock, dirt, sand, singletrack: It's all just a typical day of bike riding in the majestic red rocks of Sedona. Most of the area trails encircle sandstone buttes jutting into the cobalt blue sky. It's no wonder why so many Hollywood westerns were filmed here.

Rides range from easy dirt roads to boulder-strewn trails. Take a spin around Submarine Rock for a quick ride, or try Dead Man's Pass if you want to explore some desert spirituality. Five miles into this one you'll encounter a "vortex," a large circle of rocks that might lead the uninitiated to believe that they've ridden into the Blair Witch Woods. But there is nothing to fear here, just some new-agers seeking energy rejuvenation in the fresh air of Sedona. Click out of your pedals for a minute and soak up the good vibes. You'll need the extra energy to get over that red-rock pass.


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