Mountain Biking in Nova Scotia

Map of The Gorge
The Gorge
Length/configuration : 4-km (2.5-mile) loop with a maze of additional trails to explore.
Aerobic difficulty : Moderate to advanced; many short but severe climbs on technical terrain.
Technical difficulty : Primarily advanced single-track trails.
Scenery : An upside-down, turned-around jumble of trees, roots, rocks, ledges, ravines, and streams.
Special comments : We spent an hour and a half playing on less than 5 km (3 miles) of trails!
General location : The Gorge lurks in the town of Kentville in the Annapolis Valley, less than two hours north of Halifax.
Elevation change : The Gorge is aptly named, and for a relatively small area, you will find yourself negotiating many steep drops and ascents back and forth across"Crazy Creek." Overall elevation change will vary according to the route you pick through the park but will never amount to any significant gain.
Season : Late spring through fall; avoid riding these trails after heavy rainfall, to reduce the damaging impact of erosion.
Services : All services are available in Kentville.
Hazards : The trail system at The Gorge demands respect. There are areas in the park where only the most accomplished bikers will be comfortable riding. Ride within your range, particularly if you are new to the trails. Be aware that hikers also use the trail system. The top portion of this ride passes a barbed wire fence that is very clearly marked.
Rescue index : The trails at The Gorge are bordered by a residential area and never extend far from the main road through Kentville.
Land status : City land.
Maps : The map included here is as good as it gets!

The Gorge is a mountain bike park that is the creation of some of the most extreme riders in the Wolfville and Kentville areas. Leading the construction of trails in this park is the owner of Framebreak Bicycles. His preference for"sick" and "sweet" single-track has been fully indulged in The Gorge. Designed as a training ground for all levels of riders, the park features a broad range of technically and aerobically challenging terrain. The trail system is primarily single-track, with some connecting stretches on wider, grassy double-track trails. A ride through The Gorge is an intense experience, particularly when you find yourself following its creator through mazelike single-track, over log piles, down extreme drops, through rocky little stream beds, up treacherous banks and ledges, and across trails that teach you all there is to fear about off-camber riding. Of course, Brian is also the first person to tell you that you can ride anything, and if you can lure him out for a ride he'll show you that it can be done and encourage you to stretch your limits. Chances are good that you'll consider yourself a better rider at the end of the day.

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