Adventure in Grenada

Sightseeing in St. George

Still a fledgling sport in Grenada, mountain biking is now beginning to take off — and why not? The shade of Grenada's lush vegetation allows riders to beat the heat, and the island's volcanic terrain (last active in 1867) makes for some fast downhills and challenging climbs. Although you're not allowed to pedal Grand Etang trails, there's plenty of good riding to be had.

Cruise past the stone ruins of an old sugar mill. Zip between overhanging trees (a nice bit of shade to balance the tropical clime). Pull up to the edge of a cliff on the Atlantic coast, the rough surf crashing hard on the rocks — and on you, if you're not careful. As you fly down grassy trails, keep an eye out for unwary livestock — sometimes goats and cows rest by the side of the road, and sometimes they rest in the middle of it. Intermediate bikers can enjoy the speed of the general terrain without a thought of braking or a hint of fear, and more advanced bikers will find enough technical stretches to challenge their skills.


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