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"Faster, Daddy, faster!"

Those were Will's words as we pedaled through the valley and gazed at snowcapped mountains in the distance. We hit the road soon after that first enlightening lunch.

"How can we go faster when you're not pedaling?" Jim responded. Since Will isn't used to riding a bike in traffic, we opted to have him use a tagalong-style bike, which attaches to an adult bike like a tandem. This way Will was safe, and we could pedal our route at an adult pace.

Good guided trips are incredibly efficient. You don't waste time figuring out your agenda; it's already in place and packed with fun. Each day featured two main activities. On day 1 it was the museum trip plus a 16-mile bike ride from Bozeman to the Gallatin Valley "gateway."

Let's face it: Unless a family happens to be the most ardent cycling fanatics, most aren't going to go to the trouble to rent bikes in the middle of a vacation. On our tour, the bikes were always ready atop the shuttle van.

Dan, Reno, Ryan, and Traci took turns pedaling and driving the van back and forth, checking to see whether anyone needed cold water or a lift in the sag wagon. At the end of the ride, portable chairs and a table with snacks (fruit and caramel dipping sauce, cheese and crackers) awaited us in a wildflower-strewn hillside.

Here's a little downside of our trip: Despite all the exercise, I managed to gain a pound or two. Wonder why?

Ready to Book a Trip?
You can book your own trip (or get more information on Adventures Plus) through GORPtravel. For a listing of these trips, including the Montana vacation:

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From this page you can seach for trips based on any criteria: destination (state, region, country, continent); activity (hiking, kayaking, skiing, wildlife viewing); interest (archaeology, ecotours, groups, family-focused).

To view our Montana tour, or for a list of other Adventures Plus trips, type in "AP??" at the bottom right box entitled "Package Code," then hit "GO."

For additional information, call (877) 440-4677, or E-mail GORPtravel directly.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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