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Encounter the Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon burrows deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada of northern Mexico. The Copper is actually a system of six canyons, each nearly the size of the Grand Canyon. The canyon's massive erosional features are every bit as dramatic as the Grand. A journey through Copper Canyon is an encounter with both nature and culture. The canyon floor is the domain of the indigenous Tarahumara. On the rim the campesino, or mestizo, culture, predominates.

The renowned Copper Canyon railroad snakes through the canyons. The line has recently been revamped. Amy Finger, a co-owner of Adventure Specialists, has led many excursions through the canyons. She says, "Everything is brand new, the tracks have been relaid—and the food is excellent." You can zip on through in luxury, but you won't want to. Stop at one of the rustic lodges that have sprung up along the way, and take day trips either on foot or horseback. Do yourself a favor and hire a knowledgeable guide. Otherwise the local culture will seem impenetrable. The Copper is an early spring destination. Come May, the canyon floor becomes torrid. But never fear, the surrounding high and airy Sierra Nevada remains cool—a favorite summer retreat for Mexico's urban elite.

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