Top Ten Mexico Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Check Out Yucatan's Flamingos

While you can find 320 species of bird in the Yucatan's Celestan Biosphere Reserve, the star here is the American flamingo; take a rental boat and check 'em out on Isla de Pajaros. Still, don't neglect the other 319 species. On Isla de Pajaros, you'll also find cormorants, frigate birds, and great egrets. You can also stop at an ojo de agua, a freshwater spring, for a swim and a possible view of the elusive tiger heron. You're of course obligated to respect the space of the birds: Boats must keep 100 meters' distance from the flamingos while using their motors and 50 meters' while poling. For the true bird-watcher, the best time to visit is in the winter, when migrants abound. And accommodations? No problem; you'll find them in all price ranges.


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