Top Ten Beaches in the United States

Best Biking: Santa Monica to Torrance (California)
Beach in Santa Monica, California
Beach in Santa Monica, California (Photodisc)

There's perhaps no beach bike ride more entertaining in all of America. The 22-mile South Bay Bike Trail from just north of Santa Monica to Torrance takes you through some of the most interesting beach towns anywhere.

Ride past the "Baywatch"-inspiring Santa Monica Pier and into the moneyed land of Malibu. If you remembered to strap board to bike, the Malibu pier is your entrance into the world of California surfing. The ride also takes you into the heart and soul of the ultimate California beach town: Venice Beach. Check out the famed freaks who hang out here: weightlifters, chainsaw jugglers, and fire-eaters. End up in Torrance, which embodies the typical, great southern California beach—soft sand, beautiful vistas, volleyball nets, and that laid-back Cali vibe.

Tip: In Torrance, check out the Madrona Marsh, a freshwater nature preserve.


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