Top Ten Japan Classic Adventures

Night Dive in Okinawa
By Brent Madison

To some, scuba diving at night sounds about as appealing as sitting in traffic. To the brave, attempting the black waters around Japan is a sensory experience that's hard to beat. The warm black Pacific water surrounding the southern island of Okinawa is full of life and literally pops with the sound of krill as bright fish feed in the coral, and glowing anemone beckon hypnotically. Once you've had your fill of exploration, take a deep breath and turn the lights off. The Pacific salt water is filled with light-emitting plankton and in the dark, a simple wave of the hand starts an unforgettable fluorescent show.

Spots ideal for shore dives are plentiful—no boat rentals needed—as are English-speaking dive shops that will rent gear and tell you where to go.


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