Florida Fishing Regions

Clay County

Brooklyn Lake and Lake Geneva

Brooklyn Lake (650 acres) and Lake Geneva - (1,650 acres) are located near Keystone Heights on Hwy. 100. These infertile lakes offer fair largemouth bass fishing in the winter and spring (November-March). However, the lakes are utilized by skiers. The best baits are small topwater lures and small blue or green artificial worms fished near the maidencane shorelines or deep water grass beds.

Black crappie fishing is fair during the winter months. The best method is to drift live minnows near the bottom. Bluegill-redear fishing is poor. Brooklyn Lake has one brush-type fish attractor in deep water near a grass bed.

Lowery Lake

(1,260 acres) Located four miles north of Keystone Heights on SR 21 in the Camp Blanding Wildlife Management Area. Turn left on the paved road and follow the signs. The lake offers-good largemouth bass fishing for yearling sized bass. The best fighting is during January, February and March when the fish are spawning near the maidencane beds. The most productive lures are small topwater float-diving-type and small blue and green artificial worms.

Crappie fishing is fair when drifting live minnows near the bottom in open water. Bluegill-redear fishing is fair. Live worms and crickets are best when fished on the bottom. Most bluegill and redear are harvested during May and June.

Black Creek

Access in downtown Middleburg provides crappie, bluegill, redbreast sunfish and largemouth bass, plus striped bass in the winter. Black Creek offers excellent largemouth bass fishing. The best months to fish are February, March, April or May when fish are spawning. Fishing around shoreline trees and stumps is most productive. Live shiners are the best bait for catching trophy fish, although nice fish are caught on black and purple artificial worms. Crappie fishing is fair in the river with the best baits being small minnows and jigs. February and March are usually the best months for fishing. Fish normally congregate around fallen trees and stumps near the shore.

Redbreast fishing is excellent throughout the summer months. The best baits are small spinners, live worms and crickets fished near the shoreline.

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Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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